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Chelsea Schneider


My name is Chelsea Schneider for those of you who don't know me. I'm 23 years old and I'm from Grand Ledge, Michigan. If you couldn't tell from the home page, this site is devoted to nothing but racing and the racers from Region 6 because REGION 6 ROCKS!!!
Well here's a little bit about my family and me. 2013 will be my 10th season racing but jet-skis have been a part of my family since I was about 10 years old. The sport of racing didn't become a part of my family's life until I was about 12 and my sister, Jessie was 17. Not long after my sister began racing in the Runabout classes I decided that I wanted to join the ranks of the Stand-Up racers. The summer I turned 14 I began my racing career in the Junior Ski class and then continued to race in the Junior Ski classes the following season. During the 2004 and 2005 seasons the guys I raced with definitely proved to be amazing racers and I couldn't have been happier to join the Novice Women's Ski class in my 2006 season. Every year I have improved more and more and hopefully my 2013 season will bring even better results than last year.
Well other than the actual racing part of the sport, the next best thing about it is that it's a family sport. My older sister, Jessie and my brother-in-law, Tim raced for a few years but have retired. However, they have supported me throughout my entire racing career. Jessie raced in the Women's Runabout class and Tim raced in the Novice Ski Stock class. Although neither of my parents race, my dad has proved to be an amazing holder for myself and many other racers. He also pays for most of my racing expenses and also drives me to all of my races (thanks for being such an awesome dad!). My mom comes to the races when she can but still gives me support and always encourages me no matter how I finish.
Not only has my actual family supported me but my racing family has also always been there for me. So thanks to my awesome Region 6 Family for always encouraging me or helping me out when I needed you.
Now feel free to explore the rest of the site and discover just how awesome Region 6 and the sport of Jet-Ski Racing are!